Website Design & Maintenance

Website Design and Construction

At Rack and Rune we specialise in WordPress based websites constructed using the Elementor Pro Page Builder and a broad suite of multi-site add-ons. We’ll set you up with fully functioning e-commerce on your site enabling you to sell your title direct to the public or link to online retailers.

No site is too big or too small. A basic author website with e-commerce and contact form can be put together for as little as $1200. We can either host it for you on our own server, or build it on your own.

Website Make-Overs & Maintenance

Got a website that needs a make-over or some maintenance? We can help you out. When 2ME needed a dramatic change to the look of their website we helped them out, redesigning every page and adding extra functionality. When HUnter Writers Centre needed an update to their Grieve Project website we found that much of the problems with the site related to the experimental page builder that had been used in its construction. So, we rebuilt it from scratch using the Elementor page builder.

Storytelling Videos & Trailers


One of the best ways you can promote your book is with a video trailer shared on social media. Trailers can be tailored to suit your budget with prices starting from as little as $500 (or even cheaper if ordered as part of a publishing package).

Storytelling Videos

Storytelling videos are a great way to ensure children build an interest in your picture book. I know of children who have so fallen in love with picture books as a result of storytelling videos that they have carried the books around the house with them as their most treasured possessions. They become more familiar with the story and more confident with reading the book.

While a fully animated video, like these examples, is beyond most people’s budget, a simple video that dissolves between the pages can be produced at a more affordable cost.

Play Video

Betty the Yeti’s Disappointing Day

Life is Not Fair When You Are Just a Chair

Social Media Promotion

Social media is critical for promoting any product in the 21st century. Our social media specialists can set you up on any social media platform and formulate a marketing campaign that drills down to your target demographic and region, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from your social media budget.