Blossom in the Dust – Anna Birch


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“I vowed then that I would never let the bastards win.”
The young girl could see no escape from the terror she experienced at the hands of those who she should have been most able to trust. But when opportunities to make changes presented themselves, she grabbed hold of them with both hands. Courage, perseverance and determination allowed the girl to pursue a life she’d never dared to imagine for herself while ensuring those responsible for her torment didn’t win.
An inspiring and heartfelt memoir of a young girl enduring horrific abuse from her mother and uncle, Blossom in the Dust is an extraordinary true tale of hope in appalling circumstances.

3 reviews for Blossom in the Dust – Anna Birch

  1. Graham

    Blossom in the Dust is an extraordinary tale of survival under horrendous circumstances

  2. Lizzy

    Blossom in the Dust hooks you from the first chapter right up until the end, I could not put this book down. It is based on Anna Birch’s life that is harrowing and filled with hardships but ultimately she is triumphant in overcoming these obstacles. This book is easy to read and will not disappoint.

  3. Petra

    For those of us who, in our childhood, were blessed with loving parents and a relatively stable home life, this book is an eye opener to how the other half lives.
    If you ever wondered why some girls don’t recognise an abusive tendency within a prospective partner, or why women find it so difficult to leave abusive relationships, here is a frank and true story, told with courage and clarity, of a life that gives insight into precisely that tragedy. Yet this is an uplifting and hope-giving story of one woman who broke through the limitations of her environment and ultimately found resilience, purpose and inner joy. Go on the journey of the blossom who defied the dust to become a shining soul.

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